hugsforstrength-06Staying healthy has never been as difficult as it is these days. Wherever you look, it seems that the modern life is trying to keep you down and trying to put you in a hospital, or at least in your bed. From the stress we all experience daily to the various pharmaceutical drugs and genetically modified food, we are shelled from all over the place with negative influences that can ruin our health and our lives in general. Luckily, there are a few things that everyone can do and that are very easy to implement in your life without losing anything and gaining a lot, and we mean a lot.


For one, it is always a good idea to learn how to deal with stress. Stress is the main killer of the modern age and it can turn one’s life into pure hell. The good news is that you do not need expensive and dangerous drugs to cope with stress. It is all about your state of mind and your will to keep yourself centered. Meditation is something that everyone can learn and that everyone can practice. And it does not even have to be meditation in its more strict sense. You can simply set aside fifteen minutes or half an hour every day in a quiet room, with dimmed lights and with music you enjoy. You turn off all your devices, you sit in quiet, or lie down and you clear your mind o everything that is bothering you. After a few times, you will learn how to do this and you will feel how much this heals not only your mind, but your body as well.


Of course, it would also be a good idea to eat healthy, which is also something that is much easier to do than you would think. All you need are basic cooking skills that anyone can pick up in matter of days and the will to organize your meals. Improvisation is the worst enemy of a healthy diet as improvisation leads to unhealthy meals and takeout food. Plan your weekly menu in advance and you will not even have to make it all grass and apples. As long as you practice moderation, you will eat healthy and you will soon experience numerous benefits to your body and mind.


hugsforstrength-05Finally, exercise. Exercising does not have to look like something out of Rocky movies. Half an hour of a brisk walk or a light jog is all you need. Forget about gyms and other pricy alternatives. All you need is a pair of decent trainers and a road. You will not spend a dime and you can do wonders for your health.


In conclusion, we feel the need to point out that any excess in life is not good and that as long as you pace yourself and engage in moderation, your life will become much better and you will feel like a brand new person. And you will not have to spend a single dollar.

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